So, you are thinking of a web site, and you have at best a vague idea of what is involved. Here is a description of our process; from the first contact to the maintenance of the site.
1 Definition.
Once you have contacted us regarding your web site, the first task will be to establish, with you, the purpose, the audience and the content, and then the most efficient solution.
     1.1 What and for whom? It is important that you define the purpose of your web site and the audience you want to reach. Once you have established this, with our help, and have discussed the mainlines of your site and your budget parameters, we will encourage you to browse the web and look for sites of a similar nature. This may help you to decide what you like and what you don’t like and will give us an idea of your tastes.
     1.2 Content: We will define, with you, the sections of your site, what material will go where, identify the need for text, photos, graphics, animations… we will provide you with advice and will be glad to answer any questions that you might have to facilitate this process.
     1.3 First draft: as soon as we have enough material to have a good sense of the work involved we will prepare a first draft proposal. If some items are still left undecided we will give you price estimates based on the different options.
     1.4 Final proposal: We will finalize with you the content and the blueprint, incorporate the options and solutions that you have selected, detail what you will provide, give you a binding price estimate and, if needed, select the best hosting solutions for your site and assist you with both the domain name registration and the hosting agreement. We provide a "total solution".

2 Agreement.
We will formalize the final proposal into a contract that will include a detailed list of everything that we will do and everything that you will provide, and the timeline for the project as well as designating who will be responsable for work approvals. We make sure that there are no surprises, and no ambiguity.

3 Implementation.
Based on your input and your material, our designers create a first draft, you give us your feedback, and we then integrate that into the body of the work. We put a lot of work in the Home Page, as it will command the style of the whole site, but once it is approved, we work simultaneously on all aspect of the project, and use a similar approval process with you for all the deliverables. If the site includes programming and/or e-commerce, we do the initial testing but then we involve you so that the test data are realistic and the test results match what you want. We keep you posted regularly of the progress and propose corrective actions if there are delays. We conduct a final and exhaustive review of the site with you once it is completed and installed, and then, when you sign-on, the site goes live. We conduct a post-implementation review with you in the following days, operate fine tuning if needed, and then we are ready for the next phase.

4 Registration - Promotion
In order to be known to the outside world, your site needs to appear in all the main search engines, and, of course, we offer services to that effect. Once the construction of your site begins, we ask you to provide us with key words and descriptive sentences that are hidden in the code of your pages and read by the spider programs that are used by several search engines. Once your site is up and running we help you establish the texts that will be used in the registration with the major search engines, and we then take care of submitting your site and following up with the site reviewer. We also offer different solutions to promote your site and increase its traffic; we do not list them on our site, as they vary with time in the fast changing environment of web business.

5 Evolution.
We are there for you when you need changes, enhancements, additions and everything else that you may want to modify or add to your site, based on the experience that you acquire and the feedback that you receive. The web evolves, your business evolves, and so your site will evolve. When the time has come to update the look and content, we will be there for you and with you, providing suggestions and informing you of the most recent possibilities and innovations. We do not sell a product, we provide a service, and we look forward to a long-term business relationship with all of our clients.